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Retul Bike Fitting Experience

A first-hand account of a Retül Bike Fitting Experience at Hoback Sports with Michael Piker. Michael has been riding bikes in Jackson Hole for years and is an avid cyclist and engineer. Enjoy the words and thanks again, Mike.

Whether you are looking for extra performance or just want to be more comfortable on a long ride, a professional bike fit from Hoback Sports is the best place to start. Their Retül fit process takes into account every aspect of rider position to systematically analyze where improvements can be made to increase comfort and power.

In my case, I had several issues including rocking hips during the pedal strokes, inboard tracking of my left knee and numbness in the hands. Pat Sullivan, the Hoback Sports Retül technician, performed a battery of initial test, which determined my flexibility, natural posture and established baseline information prior to mounting the bike. He then attached several sensors at key points along my body to analyze the motion as I pedaled the bike. Based on all of this gathered information, Pat scientifically verified my issues on the bike and made well-informed recommendations to improve my ride position.


First, it was determined that I needed a wider saddle to better support my sit bone position. This eliminated my rocking hips and made the bike generally more comfortable. Second, my left cleat position was changed and new footbeds were installed into my left bike shoe, which dramatically improved my knee alignment and tracking. Finally, my handlebars were rotated several degrees forward to better position my hands in the drops and hoods. This improved the hand numbness I had been experiencing during long rides.

In conclusion, I greatly recommend that all riders get a professional bike fit. Prior to my Retül fit with Pat, I was skeptical about the gains in comfort and/or performance that could be accomplished. However, I have been on two rides exceeding three hours in duration since the bike fit. I can honestly say the improvements are noticeable. As an avid cyclist and racer for more than 20 years, my only regret with the bike fit is that I didn’t get one sooner.

-Mike Piker

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