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Hoback 2022 e-bike buyers guide

Hoback 2022 e-bike buyers guide

There is no denying the popularity of electric bicycles. Over the past few years, they have become ubiquitous on the streets and bike paths around Jackson. The electric bikes we carry at Hoback Sports can be grouped into 4 categories: road, pathway/commuter, mountain, and cargo bikes. The bikes in each of these categories serve a specific type of riding experience.


A few things to consider when reading this blog post:

Electric bicycle categories: There are 3 classes of electric bikes. Class one and class three bikes are pedal assist bikes meaning the motor only kicks in when the rider is pedaling. Class two bikes have a throttle meaning the rider can pedal but does not have to. The difference between class one and three bikes is their top speed. The motor on a class one bike tops out at 20 mph and a class 3 bike has a maximum speed of 28 mph. Hoback sports only carries class one and class 3 bicycles.


Specialized and Brose: Unlike the other bikes on this list that have motors make by Bosch or Shimano, all Specialized e-bikes have a motor made by German company Brose. These dependable motors along with Specialized high-performance standards result in electric bicycles that win awards year after year. All of Specialized’s full power e-bikes are belt driven which, without getting technical, makes the bikes quieter, longer lasting, and smoother to ride. You don’t feel a jerk or kick when the motor starts up that is prevalent in so many other e-bikes. The battery and motor are also 100% integrated into the frame design.


Specialized SL: Specialized makes 2 different versions of most of their e-bikes the “full power” model, and a super light (SL) version that weighs considerably less but has a smaller motor and battery resulting in less torque and range.


Electric Pathway/Commuter:


This is the most popular category of e-bike we carry. It also spans the largest range of frame designs. from laid back cruisers to speedy commuters.

Check out the Friends of Pathways web site for all the information you need about our local bike paths. Pathways – Friends of Pathways

Specialized Turbo Vado / Turbo Vado SL:

Specialized makes some of the best, most reliable electric bicycles on the market. The Turbo Vado is no exception. It is the ultimate electric commuter

bike. Great for the daily commute or fast workouts and it has a suspension fork to make bumps and pot holes less jarring ride. Like all Specialized e-bikes the pedal assist is smooth and powerful.

Class 1 or 3

Specialized Turbo Como / Turbo Como SL:como

The Turbo Como is Specialized’s electric cruiser bike. It’s upright riding position and super low step through frame makes it a more comfortable bike that is easy to get on and off. Like the Turbo Vado, this bike makes an excellent commuter and is great for someone who wants to get out and get some exercise.

Class 1 or 3


Electra Townie Go:

townie go

Everything you want from a cruiser bike plus a class 1 motor. Electra is the industry leader in cruiser bikes. Their frame design and flat foot technology

makes a bike that easy to get on and off and a comfortable controlled ride. The newly redesigned Townie Go 7D has the battery built into the frame and looks much more elegant than its predecessor.

Class 1



Electric mountain bikes are increasing in popularity. Ask anyone who has ridden one and they will tell you they are incredibly fun and great exercise. Yes, you can still get exercise on an electric bike. A pedal assist bike still needs to be pedaled just like a regular bike, but you end up going further, and faster than you otherwise would and the boost in confidence they deliver means you will be pedaling up steep technical trail sections you were never able to before.

Specialized Turbo Tero:tero

The best choice for someone who wants an electric mountain bike that isn’t just a mountain bike. With a 110mm suspension fork and mount points for a rear rack, the brand new Tero is a mountain bike that is designed with trail riding and commuting in mind.

110mm rear travel

29″ wheels

Class 1


Specialized Turbo Levo / Turbo Levo SL:Levo

The Turbo Levo is Specialized’s full suspension electric trail bike.  With 150mm of travel in the rear and 160mm of travel in the fork, this bike rides exactly as a modern trail bike should, and the pedal assist motor makes climbing just as much fun as descending.

160mm front travel

150mm rear travel

29” wheels

Class 1


Santa Cruz Heckler:

heckler9 avocado

The newest edition of the Santa Cruz Heckler comes with a Shimano motor and 720 what hour battery which means it will go faster and farther than its previous iteration. The geometry of this bike has been perfected to give the rider the best possible traction going up and excellent downhill performance. Those loyal to Santa Cruz’s VPP suspension platform will appreciate this bike’s familiar and exceptional climbing characteristics. This bike is an excellent option for anyone looking for a versatile electric mountain bike.

160mm front travel

150mm rear travel

29” or mixed wheels on medium – XXL (27.5 wheels on size small)

Class 1



Specialized Turbo Creo SL/ Turbo Creo SL EVO:Creo

A bicycle unlike any other, The Turbo Creo SL is the lightest weight performance e-bike around. Its an electric road bike that makes climbs a breeze and turns the stiffest headwinds into breezes as well. Specialized’s “future shock” technology, first seen in the Roubaix, makes this a more forgiving ride as well. And for the gravel grinders the Turbo Creo SL EVO has a geometry based on Specialized’s Diverge gravel bike, with a slacker head tube angle and the clearance to fit wider, knobby gravel tires.

Class 3




We carry a variety of electric cargo bikes from Yuba, a company that makes exclusively cargo bikes. Yuba’s mission is to change the way people commute while carrying gear, humans, pets, and more. Their goal is to limit environmental degradation by making distinct, active, boundary-pushing, mobility solutions. These bikes have a variety of accessories and add-ons that make them great for hauling gear, groceries, or kids. They have excellent

frame designs and use high quality components.

spicy curry

Spicy Curry:

There are a lot of electric cargo bikes on the market, and you can see most of them being ridden in the bike lanes around Jackson. The Yuba Spicy Curry is a clear standout in a large field. This bike is designed to carry up to three people. The small 20” rear wheel and frame design allows for excellent handling even when loaded down with a couple hundred pounds of pounds of cargo.

Class 1

curry at


Spicy Curry AT:

The AT stands for all terrain. This bike has the same sturdy low step-over frame as the Spicy Curry, with a suspension fork, off road tires, and a Bosch Cargo Line Speed motor that crushes hills and gives the bike a max speed of 28mph. Anyone looking to take their cargo bike out of town and into the woods needs this bike.

Class 3



Electric Mundo:

Need a serious cargo hauler? This bike has a carrying capacity of

550 pounds and plenty of torque to haul the heaviest of loads. This bike’s 26” wheels and higher center of gravity makes easier handling for taller riders. It’s continuous stay frame design, 4 piston hydraulic disc brakes, and stay steady technology makes the bike stiff enough to handle great under the heaviest of loads.

Class 1

Super Cargo

Super Cargo CL:

Designed to carry the most cargo of any of Yuba’s bikes, this front loader can carry up to four people, and up to 440 pounds. A variety of add-ons specific to this bike will allow you to carry anything from kids to bricks in the massive front bucket. The Super Cargo is designed with active families and small businesses in mind.

Class 1




Kombi e-5:

Yuba’s compact cargo bike. It can haul 1-2 people and is the most budget friendly cargo bike we carry. It is also great for smaller riders. Its 24” wheels resulting in a lower stand over height and better handling with heavy loads. Designed to take up less space, this bike can even be stored standing vertically on its back wheel. The Kombi E5 is powered by Shimano’s lightest E-bike motor, but don’t let its size and weight fool you. This bike can haul up to 440 pounds.

Class 1

Come to Hoback Sports today and let our expert sales staff help you pick out the perfect e-bike for you!