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Diverge STR Expert

The Diverge STR (Suspend the Rider) Expert

This gravel bike features state-of-the-art “Future Shock Technology,” which suspends the rider rather than the bike, both at the front and rear. By suspending the rider, it creates a smoother ride, with the idea that a smoother ride leads to a faster bike with less resistance. Its carbon frame makes it extremely light. The Dampener, Tendon, and Frame Post work together to suspend the rider and are fully customizable to the height and weight of the rider. The front fork is rigid but incorporates Future Shock 2.0 technology, allowing for 20mm of hydraulic damping, which reduces much of the jostling experienced while riding a bike. If you’re in search of one of the newest state-of-the-art gravel bikes, you must check out the Diverge STR (Suspend the Rider) Expert.

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