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Epic 8 EVO Comp

Epic 8 EVO Comp

For the mountain biker who want to be light and fast on the uphill while still being aggressive on the downhill, the Epic 8 EVO Comp is the clear choice. At this year’s Sea Otter Classic, specialized athlete Spencer Rathkamp showcased the bike’s versatility by competing in four different disciplines: enduro, XC, dual slalom, and downhill (with only tire changes to the bike). His performance speaks volumes—placing 6th in Enduro, qualifying 25th in dual slalom, achieving 16th in elite XC, and completing the downhill course. With only 15 minute between his finish of the XC and the start of the downhill, Rathkamp’s downhill finish underscores the bike’s prowess across diverse terrains.

One of the fastest bikes you could use in Cashe Creek. Come check it out today!

Key Features

130 mm front travel 120mm rear travel

Carbon Frame

Color : Gloss Purple Inidigo/Midnight Shadow