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Bicycle Fitting

Jackson Hole Professional Bike Fitting

Get professional bike fitting from Hoback Sports, right here in downtown Jackson, WY.Our professional bike fitting services will improve your bike’s comfort and performance whether you’re a weekend warrior or a professional racer.

Fit can be the most important feature of your bike and much of how your bike fits is determined by who you are. Our certified bike fitters are trained to not only take into account your body’s dimensions but also your past experiences, lifestyle, cycling goals, and injury history are all taken into account when fitting your bike to you.

We use the Specialized Body Geometry Fit system which features video capture software to both help the fitter and you see what changes need to be made and analyze how they effected the overall fit. With our fitters experience and the unique tools of the Body Geometry Fit system we can help ensure the most rewarding riding experience you’ve ever had on a bicycle.

Call or stop by to set up an appointment or inquire about how you could benefit by having your bike professionally fit at Hoback Sports.