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Free Bike Maintenance Clinics

At Hoback Sports we offer free bicycle maintenance clinics all summer. If you’ve ever been curious on how to better maintain and work on your bike now’s your opportunity. Our goal is to give you the basics so that you are both ready for when you bike has a problem on a ride and to help you keep your bike in shape between rides so that doesn’t happen as often. Clinics are hosted the 2nd and 4th Thursdays of every month during the summer months. All clinics are free to attend, we will provide beverages, and bring your bike as there may be hands on time if group size allows.

Bike Maintenance 101

2nd Thursday of the Month 7pm
Come learn the basics on how to maintain and repair your bike! We go through the tips and tricks that will help you make sure your bike stays in good running shape all summer and work on a few skills for repairs out on the road or trail. We focus on changing a flat tire, lubing your chain, adjusting your shifting, brake adjustments, pre-ride saftey check, and answer questions. Come with questions and leave with knowledge.

Mountain Bike Suspension

4th Thursday of the Month 7pm
Join us for an evening focused on mountain bike suspension. Nothing will change the feel of your mountain bike like having the proper suspension setup. One of our master suspension techs will lead a conversation about all the settings and adjustments available on modern mountain bike suspension. We will discuss suspension theory, explain how everything works, and then help you dial in the suspension on your bike!