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New Brands for 2021

Here at Hoback Sports, we’re always looking for up-and-coming brands to bring in. And this year, we found a few winners! Check them out below, or better yet, come in and try them on in person!

Wild Rye

Introducing a new women’s-specific bike brand to Hoback. Wild Rye is dedicated to crafting both beautiful and technical mountain apparel for ladies only! Honoring the local rider with strong yet feminine silhouettes designed by an all women team out of Sun Valley, ID. Trust us you want to try on a pair of these shorts, the fit is amazing but, good luck picking out which print is your favorite-they are all too cute!! #playwild

Wild Rye
Made for women, by women.



7mesh was born out of the realization that while technical gear for backcountry adventurers had taken great leaps forward, the bike community had been left behind. Not anymore! 7mesh is a group of apparel professionals and riders who actually helped create many of brands we carry in our winter seasons. The DNA of 7mesh runs deep with design expertise, breakout technologies and obsession of the sport! We are excited to introduce this brand to our local riders who will agree you don’t have to sacrifice style for exceptional advanced gear!

7mesh tucson web 8399
7mesh bike apparel stands the test of time with innovative shapes and premium fabrics.