Cache Creek & Snow King

Cache Creek & Snow King Trail Map

Cache to Game

This ride combines two of the great trail systems in Jackson Hole.  Cache to game or simply Cache Game in local parlance is one of Jackson’s must do rides.  Generally,...

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Cache Creek

If trails were a circulatory system the Cache Creek trail would be the main artery for Cache Creek trail system.  This two track runs alongside the meandering Cache Creek and...

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Putt Putt

Putt putt may be considered Jackson’s classic cross-country ride.  This 4.2 mile trail can be ridden in either direction and is a favorite with bikers, trail runners, dog walkers and...

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Cache Creek Sidewalk

The Cache Creek Sidewalk is a bit of a misnomer as the term sidewalk conjuries imagery of concrete.  In fact the sidewalk trail is a great dirt single track that...

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Ferrins is one of the best climbs and decents in the Cache Creek area and is accessible from several trails including Hagen, Hagen Highway, and Sink or Swim and will...

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