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2021 Bike Buying Advice

It all began last year, spring 2020; the pandemic hit and brought all bike component production nearly to a halt. And unfortunately, this wave will almost certainly continue through this summer. So, without reading any further, the point is: BUY YOUR NEW BIKE NOW!

We have your bikes!

Here at Hoback Sports we have prepped, planned, and strategically bought the bikes that you will want in 2021! At least as much as the manufacturers can supply. We’ve been busy building bikes since January 2021, and we are rapidly stocking our sales floor with a tantalizing array of amazing new wall

We love our locals and that’s what our shop is all about: creating, maintaining, and supporting our local bike community. In this world of diminishing local bike shops, all of you help keep us thriving. In the spirit of buying your dream bike the moment you see it, we’ve suspended phone sales and the shipping of any sold bikes. We’re saving the limited supply of new bikes for you, our local cyclists. You must come to our store to purchase and pick up your new summer source of cycling stoke!

Bike Accessories

We anticipate that dialing in your bike with the latest accessories won’t be a problem but realistically, uncertainties may lie ahead. The rule of thumb remains – be prepared and stock yourself up with key parts and essentials to keeping you out on our awesome trails and pathways this summer.

Bike Accessories

Hottest products

It should come as no surprise that with so many incredible singletrack trails, our bread-and-butter are mountain bikes. With Jackson’s stunning pathway system, the increasingly popular e-bikes and pathway bikes take a close second place in this popularity contest. So, if you’re after a new mountain bike or e-bike, we highly recommend buying early!
specialized gravel grinders

Have you seen the newly designed 2021 Specialized Stumpjumper or the freshly updated 2021 Santa Cruz Hightower? Well, Hoback has both in stock now!

santa cruz high tower

Looking to leave the car parked this summer and cruise past all the traffic? Pathway E-bikes are your answer and we’ve currently got them on the sales floor.

All our major brands including Specialized, Santa Cruz, Electra, Yuba, Rans, SE BMX, and Stacyc are already in stock and ready go!

Brands We Carry