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Hoback’s 2022 Mountain Bike Buyer’s Guide

Buying a Mountain bike:

Every mountain bike company makes a range of bikes designed for different riders and different types of riding. There are so many options, shopping for a mountain bike can be overwhelming. Hoback Sports stocks a variety of bikes for all different types of riders. We carry bikes from Specialized, Santa Cruz, and Juliana. Here is a break down of each mountain bike we carry and what type of rider it suits best. Mountain bikes come in a few basic categories; cross country (XC), trail, enduro, and downhill (DH). Bikes with longer travel in the shock have geometry designed for descending, a longer wheelbase and are heavier than shorter travel bikes. They are more suited to technical terrain, descending at high speeds, and jumping. Shorter travel bikes like Cross country bikes are designed for long distance rides, and to climb more efficiently.

Mountain bike travel chart

Santa Cruz / Juliana: Santa Cruz is one of the most popular mountain bike companies in the country. Juliana is their sister company. Juliana bicycles are identical to their Santa Cruz counterparts in almost every way with suspension tuned for lighter riders, women specific touch points (grips and saddles) and a different paint job.


Cross Country bikes:

These bikes are lighter and better suited to long distance rides.

Specialized Rockhopper:rockhopper

The Rockhopper is an excellent hard tail (no rear shock) budget bike. It comes in sizes XXS-XXL. Anyone between 4’3” and 6’9” can get a rockhopper that fits them. It’s also more affordable than a lot of bikes making it great for kids who may outgrow a bike in a year or two, or anyone looking to get into mountain biking without spending thousands of dollars.

80-100mm front travel (depending on size)

Specialized Turbo Tero:95122 30 TERO 50 REDONYX SMK HERO

The Turbo Tero is Specialized’s brand new hard tail electric mountain bike. This bike is a mountain bike you can commute on. It is at home on single track or in the bike lane. Rear rack mounts make it ideal for commuting or touring.

Santa Cruz Chameleon:Chameleon2

A progressive, relatively slack, or as Santa Cruz puts it, “built for…. whatever” hard tail. The Chameleon Comes in either 29 or mixed “mullet” wheel sizes 29” up front, 27.5” rear. It is as versatile as you get from a hard tail mountain bike. A great bike for those who are looking to expand their quiver, or just wants a hard tail bike to do it all.

130mm front travel

29” or mixed wheels size

Santa Cruz Blur XC and Blur TR / Juliana Wilder:


The Blur xc is Santa Cruz’s full suspension cross country race bike. The new redesign of the Blur makes it Santa Cruz’s lightest bike ever. This, coupled with Santa Cruz’s Virtual Pivot Point suspension platform makes for a bike that climbs quickly and efficiently.  Looking for a bike that is slightly more downhill oriented? The Blur Trail  and Juliana Wilder are a slightly slacker version of the Blur designed to tackle obstacles easily at higher speeds.

Blur XC Front Travel 100mm

Blur XC rear Travel 100mm

Blur TR / Juliana Wilder front travel 120mm

Blur TR / Juliana Wilder rear travel 115mm

29” wheels

Santa Cruz Tallboy / Juliana Joplin: “The Downhiller’s Cross Country bike.”JoplinTallboy

This is the shortest travel bike Santacruz offers with its “lower-link” suspension design. Its geometry looks more like a trail bike than a XC bike. A cross country bike designed for aggressive descents might seem counterintuitive but it’s a big part of what makes this bike so fast and fun.

130mm front travel

120mm rear travel

29” wheels


Trail Bikes:

These bikes are the middle ground between XC and Enduro. They are designed to be versatile and offer better downhill performance than XC bikes while still climbing well.

Santa Cruz 5010 / Juliana Furtado:Furtado5010

This is a playful short travel trail bike. Equipped with 27.5 wheels, this bike is for those looking to get the most fun out of every ride. Perfect for the biker who wants to jump and wheelie off every obstacle. Because of its shorter stand over height the 5010 is also a perfect do everything bike for teens and shorter people who like to ride hard.

140mm front travel

130mm rear travel

27.5” wheels

Specialized Stumpjumper: The ultimate Cache Creek crusher.


The Stump Jumper’s side arm design gives it exceptional torsional stiffness. The travel on the Stumpjumper is right in the sweet spot for the type of trail riding we have in Jackson. This is a great option for casual to the most diehard trail riders. Want something with a little more travel? Check out the Stumpjumper Evo.

140 front travel

130 rear travel

29” wheels.

Santa Cruz Hightower and Juliana Maverick:maverickHightower

In the Hightower Santa Cruz has created a do everything 29er trail bike that descends great after a long climb. The travel of this bike fits right in between the Stumpjumper and Stumpjumpepr evo, but with Santa Cruz’s lower link VPP suspension platform making it one of the best long travel trail bikes on the market.

150mm front travel

145mm rear travel

29” wheels

Santa Cruz Bronson and Juliana Roubion: When in doubt….RubionBronson

The second appearance of the new mixed wheel size phenomenon on this list. This is Santa Cruz’s most versatile bike. As they say “When in doubt take a Bronson out.” Great performance pedaling up and descending mountain trails, even better in the bike park. The 29’ front wheel gives you the advantage rolling over technical obstacles and the 27.5 rear wheel makes the bike snappy and playful. This bike loves getting up on the back wheel and into the air. It is the bike of choice for many of our employees.

160mm front travel

150mm rear travel

Mixed wheel size

Specialized Stumpjumper EVO:Stumpjumper EVO

The longer travel more customizable big brother to the Stumpjumper. In addition to having a two position link that changes the bottom bracket height by 10mm, it has a three position adjustable head tube and an aftermarket “mullet link” that allows you to run a 27.5 rear wheel. This is the most popular bike among our employees.

160mm front travel

150mm rear travel

29” wheel

Specialized Turbo Levo: “You only faster” (and more fun)Levo

Show me a person who is opposed to electric bicycles, and I will show you a person who hasn’t ridden one. Specialized took the Stumpjumper EVO and added a custom motor and battery built right into the frame. Whatever your pre-conceived notion of an electric mountain bike is, forget it. Riding this bike you gets you just as much exercise as a normal bike, but by the end of the day you rode 3 times as far. It’s impossible to ride this bike without cracking a smile. Looking for a less heavy electric mountain bike? The Turbo Levo SL is much lighter because has a smaller battery and motor.

160mm front travel

150mm rear travel

29″ wheels

Santa Cruz Heckler:heckler9 avocado

The newest edition of the Santa Cruz Heckler comes with a Shimano motor and 720 what hour battery which means it will go faster and farther than its previous iteration. The geometry of this bike has been perfected to give the rider the best possible traction going up and excellent downhill performance. Those loyal to Santa Cruz’s VPP suspension platform will appreciate this bike’s familiar climbing characteristics. This bike is an excellent option for anyone looking for a versatile electric mountain bike.

160mm front travel

150mm rear travel

29” or mixed wheel size sizes medium – XXL (27.5 wheels on size small)


Enduro bikes are the most downhill oriented bikes we carry. These bikes are for riders who want the best performance descending, but sill want to be able to pedal uphill.


Santa Cruz Megatower:

Redesigned for 2022 the burly big brother to the SC Hightower. The Megatower is a 29er enduro bike that plows through even the most brutal technical descents. It has the high-speed descending capability of a downhill bike but with a relatively steep seat tube angle and size specific geometry. This results in an enduro bike that climbs surprisingly well. It is a true do anything mountain bike for someone interested in crushing steep technical descents, hitting big jumps, and doesn’t mind a little more weight going up.

170 front travel

165 rear travel

29” wheels

Santa Cruz Nomad: Bike Park or Bust!Nomad

The Nomad is Santacruz’s 27.5” wheel enduro bike. This bike has the most travel of any bike on our list. It is ideal for charging downhill. Its poppy and playful. If taking laps at the local bike park all day is your thing, this is your bike. But it isn’t just for chair lift or shuttle laps. Lower link VPP suspension insures you will be able to pedal to the top of any trail you want to ride down.

170mm front travel

170mm rear travel

27.5” wheels

Specialized Enduro: You got to get up to get down.Enduro

Specialized’s aptly named enduro bike, the Enduro pedals as well as any bike in this category and is lighter than the Santa Cruz Megatower. This bike is fast going up and stable going down. It’s an ideal enduro race bike, great for hitting jumps and excels on steep rocky descents.

170mm front travel

170mm rear travel

29” wheels


Buying a mountain bike can be a daunting task. Our knowledgeable staff is available to answer any questions. Our goal is to help you have the best biking experience possible. Come in to test ride a bike today!

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