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West Fork of Game Creek

  • Cross Country

  • Advanced

  • 4.85 mi.

  • 7646 ft.

Trailhead: Jackson Hole

“West Game” has to be one the most beautiful rides in Jackson Hole.  Depending on the time of the year you will find yourself surrounded by wildflowers, dense, lush forests and sections of burned trees that are remnants of recent forest fires.  West Game runs from the top of the Ferrins trail at 7,673′ to the Game Creek single track at 6,675′  The trail, which can be ridden in either direction is all single track and offers a mix of terrain that will challenge most riders.  This trail is accessed via Ferrins trail, Game Creek trail or Wilson Canyon trail. Don’t miss out on the West Fork of Game Creek as it is surely a great one.

Map Coming Soon