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Hoback Sports – Your Teton Community Bike Shop

As we enter July of another beautiful summer here in Jackson Hole, it’s easy to think where did the time go? Pedaling season arrived fairly early in April as roads were dry and GTNP inner park roads plowed. Since then we’ve enjoyed a nearly perfect summer and the trails across both sides of the Teton’s are dry and ready for rubber. Now the question beckons, what can Hoback Sports do for you? We put together a video to showcase our offerings and here is a little more in-depth dive of those offerings. Sound on, full screen, and enjoy.

TOY SHOP: Looking for your next toy or one for a loved one? We’ve got bikes big and small. Slow and fast. Electric and traditional. If you know where you want this bike to take you, we’ll get you on it and get you there. As Jackson Hole’s only Santa Cruz dealership and one of the few Specialized offerings around the valley, we’ve got the best bikes on the market. Come to see those and you’ll find many more brands.

DEMO / RENTAL FLEET: Our rental fleet offers all styles of bikes for all different sizes of people. Our staffs’ knowledge will get you on the right bike for your desires, From there, we know where to go and how to get there and we’ll happily arrange to get you there. Whether you are looking to rent a bike for an afternoon or for an entire vacation, we can take care of you.

CUSTOMER SERVICE: It all starts when you walk through the doors. Our friendly welcoming service will get you on the right bike, or get you set up with whatever your cycling needs are. Looking for a ride off the beaten path? We can help there too.

GUIDED TOURS: Hoback Sports Mountain Bike Tours is a great way to take part in learning about mountain biking or just finding new places to ride with the comfort of a guide. Guests are greeted with Teton views and wildflowers at both Munger Mountain and Shadow Mountain, where our tours are permitted. Tours leave twice daily and are booked in advance. We’ve got great rates for kids and groups.

FIX JUST ABOUT EVERYTHING: Our repair shop provides confidence-inspiring repair work with over 90 years of bicycle service experience in the shop. We fix just about everything and can build you a brand new bike from the bottom up if need be.

COMMUNITY PARTNERSHIPS & EVENTS: It’s our responsibility to give back to the community as a local bike shop. You’ll see us at events such as Jackson Hole live concerts, Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day, Eco Fair, and many more community events. We support Friends of Pathways and Teton Freedom Riders as well as local high school bike riders.

Be a part of our shop, come to get dialed in for your next ride today.