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Introducing The New Stumpjumper 15

Behold the Long Awaited Stumpjumper 15


Somehow the Specialized Science Team managed to improve on last year’s bike of the year, the Stumpjumper EVO. Marked as the One Bike to Rule All Trails, Specialized hit it out of the park after three years in the making. Allen Cooke describes it as “it gives the benefits of a big travel bike and the benefits of a short travel bike in one.”


GENIE Suspension:

Thanks to the new patent-pending GENIE suspension technology, the most notable addition to the new release. In short it can be described as Pneumatic Spring Assist (PSA) air spring innovation. Not going to lie It is hard to wrap our heads around it, but Specialized describes the technology works by:

“Employing two separate, but connected positive air chambers, the overall air volume is increased, resulting in a much flatter spring curve for the first 70% of the shock’s stroke; this “softer” spring delivers coil-like bump force management throughout the bump zone. As the shock compresses into the final 30% of the travel, the GENIE Band slides over and closes the ports to the outer air chamber, effectively reducing the overall volume. This results in a much more progressive spring curve for the last 30% of stroke, preventing bottom-outs more effectively than a standard air spring. It’s the best of both worlds – coil and air – with extra tunability and zero compromise.”

The evidence for improvement is in the stats. The Specialized Science Team are the creators behind the GENIE. Through testing they discovered it handles bumps 16.3% better, increased traction by 57%, and 39% fewer sever bottom out events than the Stumpjumper EVO. Specialized athletes describe it as the feel and control of a coil spring with only 150mm front and 145mm rear travel.


FACT 11M Frame:

The suspension isn’t the only aspect that received a makeover. The Stumpjumper 15 utilizes Specialized FACT 11M carbon frame with M5 Alloy chassis. The new design combines the front end, rear end, and the link between them as a single unit. This creates the optimal stiffness for trail riding.




Personalized Geometry:

Like David and Goliath, the Stumpjumper 15 was designed to be an efficient versatile trail bike that can take down the biggest and gnarliest obstacles. This is also evident in improved geometry. Six distinct geometry settings allow the rider to hone its performance for any style, any terrain. The head angle is adjustable to three settings between 63 and 65.5-degrees via a unique eccentric upper headset cup. Fine-tune bottom bracket height up or down by 7mm by swapping the Horst link chips. Drop it down for a more stable ride or set it high for clearance. This bike’s geometry delivers big bike capability when you need it, a nimble feel in tight sections, and lively, efficient climbing manners. Not only can geometry be personalized, the Stumpjumper 15 gives you the option to switch between a 29” or 27.5” using aftermarket links without compromising geometry.

Swing by Hoback Sports to see for yourself, the new innovative masterpiece from Specialized.