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Early Season Cycling in Jackson Hole

Early season cycling in Jackson Hole

Cycling in Jackson takes many forms. Road bikers are already training for their first century of the season. The pathways are clear. The combination of rain and warmer weather mean that the local mountain bike trails will be ready to ride soon. Every type of cyclist can find rides to fit their needs in and around Jackson Hole. Keep reading for more information on road, pathway, and mountain bike ride options in Jackson Hole.


Road Biking

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You are likely to encounter all types of weather here in the springtime, so come prepared. Extra layers as well as winter hats and gloves are a must especially if you plan to be outside for hours at a time. When the weather allows there are a lot of great road ride options in Jackson Hole. There are loops as short as 10 miles all the way up to over 100 miles. The Moose-Wilson loop is an excellent 33 mile road and gravel ride. The ride starts heading north from the town of Jackson on Highway 89. The Teton range provides a stunning backdrop for the first half of the ride. The town of Moose, Wyoming in Grand Teton National Park marks the halfway point of the ride. In Moose, Dornan’s General Store is a great place to stop and refuel. Be sure to check out the visitor center for Grand Teton National Park while you are there as well. A winding dirt road along the base of the Tetons marks the start of the second half of the ride. It is not uncommon to see a variety of wildlife including elk, moose, and even bears on this stretch of the trip. The road turns back to pavement a few miles before Teton Village. Once you reach Teton Village, its 11 miles along the highway back to Jackson. This ride has a lot to offer, beautiful views, wildlife and exciting and varied terrain. It is a must for adventurous riders visiting Jackson Hole.


Pathway biking

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For those not ready to tackle longer road rides, riding bike paths in Jackson is a great way to get outside, experience nature, and get some exercise. The pathways are also a safe and convenient way to commute for many Jackson locals. The South Park loop is a favorite scenic ride for recreational bikers looking to stretch their legs. The 14 mile loop can be ridden entirely on bike paths. It is a safe alternative to riding on roads. If you are looking for a more scenic ride, head north out of town along highway 89. As soon as you leave the town of Jackson you will be riding along the national elk refuge where you are likely to see a variety of animals. In the winter and early spring, many large mammals including elk and buffalo graze in the refuge. Once the snow melts the elk return to the mountains. In the summer, the refuge is home to different types of waterfowl including swans and sandhill cranes. Not far from town, you will be confronted with a short climb. Keep your head up when you near the top. As soon as you crest the bench the Teton Mountains will come into view. The bike path winds its way all the way to Jenny Lake at the base of the Tetons in Grand Teton National Park. At around 40 miles round trip it is a perfect ride on one of our electric pathway bikes.


Mountain Biking

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The Mountain bike season in Jackson always starts a little later than road biking. The snow in the mountains takes longer to melt and the dirt trails stay wet longer than roads and bike paths do. Putt Putt is one of a few trails in the Cache Creek area that are ready to ride this time of year, as long as there have been a few sunny days since the last rain or snowstorm.  For those willing to drive, be sure to read our next blog post. It’s about electric mountain bikes and where to ride them. If you are looking for more information on where to ride come visit our shop. Our employees will be able to suggest a ride that is right for you.