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An Interview with Dylan Dipentima

January 9th 2024 and Jackson Hole is finally seeing its first heavy snow fall of the season. We’ve held our breath and sacrificed old skis and boards for long enough. This time of year, when the days feel short and the sun sets early, snow fall is what bring on the stoke and has us wondering what really gets people fired up. For Dylan Dipentima, the answer is simple, the backcountry.

Dylan Dipentima

Although Dipentima is hard at work as the Repair Manager for Hoback Sports, we were able to snag five minutes of his time to hear about his backcountry endeavors and love for deep pow. See Dylan like many Jackson locals is a highly accomplished athlete. Representing Zipfit, Moments Skis and curating content for his own YouTube channel we should emphasize that he is a professional in this field. It is prudent to remember if you don’t know in the backcountry you should not go.

Dipentima’s favorite area to ski in is Cody Peak. “The snow is better down there and the lines are really long. I get to ski a lot of powder in that area”. This is a favorite area but this area is not for beginners. It’s extremely advanced terrain and challenging for rescue of any kind so again if you do not know do not go. Always be aware of the avalanche conditions.

Although we know his actual favorite place to ski is JHMR, we will let this one slide, because Dipentima gave us the scoop on his favorite skis. “Moment Skis just came out with a new ski called the, Countach 110… they are my favorite skis of all time.”

So how does Dipentima get to the conclusion that these are his favorite you may ask? “I just like trying new skis as often as I can”. A man of many words…I think he is saying, that folks should take advantage of demo deals and trying new skis when they are able…just a thought here folks.

Skis are not a one size fits all. What the best ski for a person could be the worst ski for another person. It really is a matter of perspective and “ski style”. JHMR does have a demo tent outside of Casper restaurant where you can try any ski for only $15 an hr.

Now with that being said, lets circle back to Cody Peak…“I pick a line usually based on where the best snow is going to be. Yes, I have fears of avalanche danger, the risk is always high. I have taken an avalanche course and will take a second one here soon. Being in the back country as frequently as I can is how I prepare for big ski days. I practice and check in on the snowpack throughout the year. That is the best way to stay safe.

Even with knowledge of the backcountry that doesn’t always mitigate the risk. It very important that you do not go without knowing.

My advice to people who are new to skiing or thinking about getting started, practice does make perfect. Just keep at it.

Thanks for your time, Dylan! Stay safe in the backcountry and thanks for sharing your tips and tricks with us!