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Spring Transition at Hoback Sports

The Jackson Hole Mountain Resort closed for the season on Sunday which means its officially off season here in Jackson Hole. Spring is a special time of year for those who stick around. Tourists and seasonal residents disappear and are not seen again until the last signs of winter have melted away completely. Some springs are warm and sunny, some years snow flurries in April and May give way to sleet and rain through June. Most springs strike a balance somewhere in between giving us a bit of every kind of weather. The diehard backcountry skiers say we still have a month left in the season and road bikers who have been waiting patiently for the roads to melt will say bike season started weeks ago. The truth is, they are both right. Head up to Grand Teton National Park before dawn one morning and you might see cyclists with skis strapped to their bike riding north along the base of the mountains.


The situation inside Hoback Sports reflects the change of seasons. Our winter gear from the past season is on sale and we are making room for this summer’s newest cycling gear. Those looking ahead to next winter can find deals on ski and snowboard hard and soft goods.  The rental department is pulling double duty renting back country ski and snowboard gear as well as road, pathway, mountain, and electric bicycles. The ski resorts are closed but we are still mounting and tuning skis and snowboards. However, overnight turnaround on winter items is no longer guaranteed because we are concentrating more of our time and energy on building and tuning bikes. We already have a two week wait for bike tunes, call ahead and make an appointment to get your bike tuned up.


Spring in Jackson Hole is a time of transition, a season of contradictions. Both summer and winter activities are fair game. It is the best time of year for social media friendly multisport days and the best time of year to leave for somewhere warmer. Weather dictates what is possible or at least what is a safe and enjoyable activity. Ask any local they will tell you it is the best time of year to be here, before hopping in their Subaru to drive to the desert.