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Spark R&D Surge Binding

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The Surge is built for big days on big lines, and is preferred by our bigger, more aggressive riders. Solid baseplate design, stiffer Rip ‘N’ Flip highbacks, more supportive ankle straps and toe caps combine to give riders greater control in demanding terrain. Maximum power, unparalleled performance, and efficient design: the Surge will put a charge in your backcountry riding!

In the Box: Bindings, Tesla touring brackets, Tesla T1 heel rests, mounting screws, and Spark pocket tool.

What else do I need? A set of Spark or Voile pucks.

Weight: 1.68lb/ea (763g) – 3.36lb/pr (1526g) – Medium


Product Features

  • One Climbing Wire
  • Snap Ramps & Side-Lock Touring Brackets
  • Rip 'N' Flip Highback
  • T1 Heel Rest
  • Buckles, Straps, & Plastics
  • Puck Compatibility