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Santa Cruz Hightower CR

There’s no better trail beast to help you find your flow than the Hightower C R. Whether you’re riding loose or pumping the impossible ascents, this MTB’s geometry has been redesigned to tackle even more radical executions than ever before.

Reconfigured with a slackened 65-degree head tube angle, this new geometry pumps up your trail confidence to bomb the trails or challenge the chunder with laughable ease. Featuring Santa Cruz’s Carbon C frame construction, this MTB boasts legendary strength with unflinching resilience and durability.

For smoother ride quality, the 140mm VPP® delivers big on flattening the trail with superior flexibility and precision. The Fox Float Performance DPS requires less tuning adjustments and provides peace-of-mind to riders without the worry of adequate air spring pressure. Featuring revolutionary shifters, the SRAM NX Eagle™ offers a lightweight gear range that’s super strong yet hearty enough to tackle the fiercest of trails.