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New at Hoback Winter 2016


Blizzard has been known for years for their Austrian ski racing background and more recently for how awesome their all mountain skis rip! Built to be stout and skied by real skiers (AKA “those with a racing background” they’re latest batch are more approachable with the perfect mix of sidecut, flex, and rocker. They are the perfect weapon for the skiing we like to do here in the Tetons.


A brand that needs no introduction but are making their first appearance at Hoback Sports this year! Patagonia has earned their reputation for making functional, and stylish outdoor clothing that is at home both on the slopes and during your day to day around town.


Black Crows is a young brand that is just cutting it’s teeth in the US market. Headquartered out of Chamonix, the big mountain headquarters of Europe, their design philosophy of making, beautiful, efficient skis with uncompromising performance, fits right in here in Jackson!


Arc’teryx is named for the ARCHAEOPTERYX LITHOGRAPHICA, the first reptile to take a bold evolutionary leap by developing feathers for flight. Whaat?!? Long story short Arc’teryx strive to obsessively design and produce the best possible products in the outdoor industry. Their attention to detail and quality shines through their intuitive, minimalist, human-centric designs that emphasize function and simplicity.