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Jackson’s Best Bike Shop

Year over year, Hoback Sports works hard to get you outside with safe, top of the line equipment.  This year, local voters honored us with Jackson Hole’s Best Bike Shop and we are ecstatic to know that we are serving our community well.

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With the summer approaching and lots of outdoor activities on the horizon, it’s important to get your bike tuned before you head out to the park.  Your ride will be smoother and you’ll have peace of mind knowing that all of the inner workings of your vehicle are secure.  As a bicycle novice, I took a trip to Hoback to learn more about bike tuning and important maintenance tips.

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The first thing I learned (which seems obvious now) is that there are various levels of tuning, all dependent on how advanced your bike is and how much you abused it last season.  Think of it like a doctor’s visit.  There’s a basic preventative checkup, and a more advanced, invasive overhaul to get things working smoothly.

First, the gears need to be cleaned.   Even if you have the luxury of winter storage, it’s amazing how much gunk can accumulate on your bike gears.  I watched a “clean” bike get tuned, and the cleaning rag was completely black when it was completely scrubbed down.

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Then, the wheels and cables need to be straightened and aligned.  Even if you ride your bike on paved paths and then store it in a garage, the wheels and gears could get misaligned just from the mysterious pull of gravity.

Finally, all of the shift cables and gears need to be adjusted and secured.  A lot of the tuners will take it on a quick ride in the parking lot to feel if everything is working properly.

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The friendly Hoback staff is happy to explain the tuning process and even walk you through a quick tire-changing tutorial.  Their biggest tip, however, is that you get your bike tuned in the early spring or late fall to avoid the summer rush.  During the busiest parts of the summer, turnaround for a bike tune can be 1-2 weeks, so get in there so you don’t have to sacrifice any precious days of summer biking!