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Getting Ready For Winter (Fall 2021 Offseason Blog)


Off-season Is Here Again!


Fall in Jackson Hole is many locals’ favorite time of year. Traffic and tourism have tapered, the days are cooler, great for outdoor activity, and for a couple weeks aspen leaves across the valley turn all shades of orange and gold. Perhaps the most notable trend across the valley each fall is the collective excitement over the impending winter season. This excitement is very apparent here at Hoback sports. Clothing and other products from the past summer have gone on sale to make room for the ski and snowboard equipment that is arriving daily. 



This winter we are excited to have several new products on our sales floor. Last year, we carried Armada skis for the first time and this year we brought a wider variety of different Armada ski models. The White Walker, a powder ski with the most unique tip and tail shape we have seen in a long time, and the woman’s ARW 116 VJJ UL, a lightweight super fat and playful powder ski, are 

two of our favorites. Over the past few years, the 50/50 resort and backcountry ski setup has become incredibly popular. This year we are bringing back a number of 50/50 bindings including the Shift from Solomon and the (new last year) Marker Duke PT. 


Possibly the most popular items we sold last year were Snowboard touring bindings. They were so popular in fact that we sold out of them in November. This year we are carrying split board bindings from Burton, Spark, Union, and Voile. If you are looking for new splitboard bindings, do not wait until it is too late. 




Anyone looking for a new pair of ski boots this fall is in luck. We are offering a pre-season special through November 21st. This sale includes 10% off  all bootfitting service, 15% off new custom footbeds with the purchase of boots and 40% off any of last year’s ski boots. We already have a variety of Alpine and Touring ski boots and are getting more every day. So, if you are looking for new boots or just need some adjustments to the boots you already have, come in now and let us set you up before the season starts. 




Our rental department is doing season leases for kids now through December 12th. We have a variety of ski and snowboard packages at affordable prices. Our fleet of demo skis and snowboards has been updated to reflect the new additions in our retail department. For the first time, backcountry beacon, shovel, probe and backpacks will be available to rent this winter. There are still a few pairs of demo touring skis for sale and we’ll be selling our fleet of rental bicycles some time in early 2022. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram where we will be announcing exact dates for our demo bike sale.



Tech Shop:


Our tech shop is split between servicing bikes and getting your skis and snowboards ready for winter. Bike stands are being put in storage and we are setting up ourDSC02078tune benches. However, we will continue to offer bike service all winter, just as we always have. The Ski tune machine is up and running. Starting November 24th, we will be offering overnight turnaround on ski and snowboard tunes and mounts.








We are gearing up for another big winter here at Hoback Sports. Our staff is eager to help you with all your ski and snowboard needs. Our goal is to make sure everyone who comes to Hoback leaves ready for the winter. Whether you are looking to buy, rent, or just get your current gear tuned and ready for winter, we are here to help.