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Employee Bike Check: Brian’s V10cc ENVE

Wow… this month we have one a stunning bike! The Santa Cruz V10 is the most winning DH mountain bike in history! It has had various iterations over the years including this year’s prototype 29ner being raced by the Santa Cruz Syndicate Team on the world cup. Brian’s kit is top shelf with all the bells and whistles from ENVE, Raceface, Fox, Chris King, Muc-Off, Schwalbe, SRAM, and ESI.

Wheels are the 3rd most important part of a mountain bike (#1 is the frame, we’ll talk about #2 in a minute). We want them to be light so they roll faster, stiff so they hold a line, and durable because it’s mountain biking (mountains have rocks on them). Wheel manufacturers, ENVE, covers all these bases and are known as the benchmark in carbon wheels in the industry. Here we’re rocking their M90’s which are their stiffest/burliest set of wheels made to ride the roughest trails at the fastest speeds! The 2nd most important piece of equipment on your bike is the suspension which controls how your bike behaves on trail. Fox’s Factory Float 40 RC2 and DHX2 are the top of the line giving you endless adjust-ability, slippery smooth Kashima coated stanchions, and are featherweights for DH suspension. Like every great bike we’ve also got a Chris King headset up front! While we could write a whole page about the reliability and expert craftsmanship of Chris King and their many anodized goodies at the end of the day it is the most reliable (and prettiest) headset in the game.
BrianV10ShockThe whole package comes in at 33.4lbs w/ pedals which is unheard of for a 216mm (8.5″) downhill bike! With all the bells and whistles anybody could possibly want Brian’s V10 isn’t just trail worthy, it’s world cup worthy!