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E-Bikes – Enjoy your commute and skip the traffic!

As traffic backs up and technology advances, e-bikes have become more and more common on city streets and pathways in Jackson and at Hoback Sports we’ve got the best selection in the Tetons. Featuring Specialized, Electra, Yuba, and Scott –  we have e-bikes in many different styles to fit your commuting, family, cargo, or speed needs!

As with almost everything they do Specialized is a step above the rest when it comes to their E-Bike system. Their Mission Control App enabled bikes allow you to track, plan, and review your rides allowing you to do everything from navigation to power management to make sure you use every last drop of power on your ride! Specialized offers their system in everything from their commute focused Turbo Vado to their trail ripping full suspension mountain bike, the Turbo Levo.

Being the newest brand in the Hoback Sports stable, Yuba focuses on cargo and utility bikes. Designed to both carry the entire family or the kitchen sink depending on what accessories they are outfitted with. Their top of the line, Spicy Curry, features a 20″ rear wheel to keep the load and center of gravity low for better handling and also can be outfitted with child seats, so you can bring the whole crew along for the ride!

The Electra Townie has been the best selling bike in America (and Hoback Sports) for most of the past decade. Therefore it’s no wonder that adding a pedal assist motor to it makes it our best selling E-bike too! It has the perfect combo of a comfortable seating position, simple operation, dependability, and affordability to make it a no brainer for anybody looking at a do it all E-bike!

Featuring the same Bosch motor as Yuba and Electra, Scott, fits in as another affordable E-bike option that offers a more traditional pathway bike feel. Featuring a rear rack, fenders, and lights it’s your one stop shop for an efficient, and fast town cruiser from a dependable brand.

Although e-bikes were not common until the past couple of years, our sales staff and technicians at Hoback Sports can help you figure them out! We provide service on e-bikes and are happy to take a chance to explain the benefits and functionality of these new products. Feel free to stop by the shop and see what the talk is all about!



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  1. Robert Mrdutt says:

    Do you sell electric skateboards?

    • tomathey says:

      Hi Robert,

      We do not sell electric skateboards, just the kick/push longboard kind in the Summer months! I don’t know of anybody in Jackson that does unfortunately, wish I could be of more help. Thanks for saying hi, good luck finding one, and bring it by the shop if you get one, they look like a ton of fun!