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Cache Creek Mountain Bike Race 2015

It’s the time of year to once again prepare for the upcoming bike racing season here in Jackson Hole with the first and most historic local race of the year, the Cache Creek MTB race. Formerly known as Cache to Game the race course was rerouted last year to stay closer to town and offer a more exciting race utilizing some of the most popular and fun mountain bike trails in Jackson.

When: Wednesday June 17th 5pm
Where: Mike Yokel Park
Price: $38 ($50 Race Day)
Signup: At Teton County Parks & Recreation before 12pm June 17th, Website

Race Flyer


Being the race sponsor for almost 20 years, we’re really excited to see the course change last year be really successful with support from the Forest Service, and Teton County Parks & Recreation being open to the change. With the race both starting and ending in town it allows us to throw a bigger after party at Mike Yokel with refreshments provided by Parks & Rec, food from Pinky G’s and prizes from Hoback Sports.


The new course starts at Mike Yokel Park on Kelly Street, then heads up to the Cache Creek trailhead, cuts up Hagen Highway, to the bottom of Ferrins, cuts down Hagen across to Sidewalk to avoid the staircase, rejoins Hagen to it’s end and finishes riding west all the way down Putt Putt to finish at the Nelson Drive trailhead! At 10.3 miles this short course mountain bike race makes for a fast pace at the front of the pack and also makes for an approachable first mountain bike race for anybody who’s ever wanted to give it a shot! If you’re a local and own a mountain bike chances are you already know the trails so come out and give it a shot, lycra is definitely not required!

Course Map