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Hole Food Rescue and the Bike Blender

We’re always proud to partner with the amazing non-profit organizations that help make Jackson Hole an amazing place to call home. One of our favorite organizations is the Hole Food Rescue who redistribute unsellable, yet edible, food products from local food retailers to Teton County residents that are in need. Not only are they keeping thousands of pounds of food out of the landfill but they also do so by bicycle whenever possible! Over the years we’ve supported their mission by donating industrial bike trailers, bikes to pull the trailers and this year we’re excited to support them with Hoback Sports Bike Blender!

Featuring a 1 HP (Human Power) engine the Hoback Sports Bike Blender is the perfect way to prepare a cold beverage while getting your legs moving! Hole Food Rescue will have the Hoback Sports Bike Blender at various events all summer so make sure to join them to blend your own smoothie, and help fight hunger and waste in Teton County!