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Ski Tuning

If you are in the town of Jackson and have a piece of equipment that needs to be tuned, waxed, fixed, mounted or anything else, chances are the tuning shop employees at Hoback Sports is the place to go.  Their experience and state of the art equipment will keep your gear in tip top shape.  Whether you have a new pair of skis to mount or a bike that needs a tune, Hoback Sports will get you back on the slopes or trails ASAP.csm_montana_challenge_b1f6efa206

Full Service Tunes
Race Tune$109If you're racing gates or just want the best for your trusted planks the Race Tune includes a full base restructuring, hand edging, and is finished off with a fresh coat of SWIX flourinated wax, hand ironed, scraped, and brushed just like dad used to do it!
Full Tune$69So it's been a while, or the reason nobody was skiing that powder stash was the low lying rocks that just tore up your sticks, Either way, we got you covered. Features a base grind, ceramic edging, and a hot wax.
Debur & Wax$39We send your skis or board through the side edger a few times to clean them up, lather on some fresh new wax and then scrape/brush to perfection. This should be all they need in between major services so bring em' in and we'll get er' done.
Other Services
Binding Mount $50
Binding Test $25
Hot Wax $20
Edge Repair / Anything Else $60/hr